David Spangler

Incarnational Spirituality
Incarnational Spirituality

Incarnational Spirituality is the evolving expression of my work and the foundation for the work of the Lorian Association. It is an affirmation of the spirit innate within our world, our humanity, our physicality, and our personal lives. It sees each person as a source of spiritual power and radiance.

Incarnational Spirituality brings a holistic perspective to spirituality. The spiritual life is often seen as focusing upon the transpersonal and the transcendent, directing our attention beyond the world and beyond the self. Incarnational Spirituality seeks to balance this by restoring an awareness of the spiritual nature of our physical, everyday selves and the sacredness of the world around us.

Incarnational Spirituality is grounded in our sovereignty as individuals. Each of us is a unique incarnation of sacredness able to make contributions that no one else can make to the wellbeing of our world and the positive unfoldment of our future.

Incarnational Spirituality is a calling to discover the nobility and spiritual presence in our everyday selves. It is a calling to unfold capacities of blessing, manifesting, creating, and healing within us.

Incarnational Spirituality is a calling of responsibility to each other and to our world. It is a calling to act and not just reflect, to engage and not just contemplate. How a person answers that calling is up to him or her. We each serve in unique ways. Incarnational Spirituality can offer tools that assist us in doing so, demonstrating the unity of inner alignment with outer activity.

Join us in discovering and unfolding the radiance of your own incarnation as a spiritual presence and force for good in the world.