David Spangler


Since 1965, I have worked clairvoyantly with a group of non-physical beings from the inner worlds of spirit.   They identified themselves as being part of an inner school whose purpose was to explore and develop a spiritual teaching around the process of incarnation.   This teaching is intended to empower incarnate persons living in the physical world—individuals such as you and me—to lead lives of greater blessing and capacity and to be sources of blessing and service for the world as a whole.

Publications by David Spangler

Starheart and other stories
An Introduction to Incarnational Spirituality
Apprenticed to Spirit
Call of the World
Subtle Worlds: An Explorer’s Field Notes
Facing the Future
Blessing: The Art and the Practice
World Work
The Call
Parent as Mystic—Mystic as Parent
Everyday Miracles
The Laws of Manifestation
The Story Tree
The Flame of Incarnation
Crafting Home: Generating the Sacred
Crafting Relationships: The Holding of Others
Midsummer’s Journey with the Sidhe
The Soul’s Oracle (Card Deck and Manual)
Card Deck of the Sidhe (Card Deck and Manual)
Manifestation: Creating the life you love (Card Deck and Manual)